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“SUPER-70” Briquetting Plant

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Model : “SUPER-70” Briquetting Plant

Capacity 600-750 kg/hr. Grinder Less Technology (Without any binding agent)

The Super-70 model has been Launched by us in 1992.

Features of Super 70 Briquetting Plant:

  • SUPER 70 is Specifically Designed for the Industry where Medium Volume of Raw Material is available to Produce Medium Scale Production.
  • This Briquetting Plant Machine is Technically Innovative so its don't require for Constant Supervision.
  • It is also best design machine for the raw material Upto 12 mm size.
  • One Super-60 machines will require 68 to 73 H.P. of power and will produce 500 to 650 Kg/Hr while one "Super-70" can produces 750 Kg/Hr ± 20 % with the power requirements of only 49 H.P so its production rate is high and saved the electric cost too compare to Super-60
  • Hence electricity cost is reduced by 35-40 % and high production compare to Super-60
  • Super-60 need hammer mill for such material for making powder because it is accepting only powder form raw material and in Super -70 there is no need for the same so it also saves operating cost.

Machine Specification :


"SUPER 70"

Production Capacity:

750 Kg/Hr ± 20 % (Depending on Raw Material Size & Quality)

Power Requirement:

49 HP

Raw Material Form:

10 to 12 mm can be used directly. (No need to grind it)

Moisture Content:

10 & 12% Maximum (If higher than this, it would require to dry it.)

Processing Cost:

Indian Rs.660/- ± 10%

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